The Best Solution For Blocking Spam

By Dave Peiser

While my previous suggestion of using gmail to block spam is great for one or two email addresses, if you own or run a business with employees,then I believe you really need a solution that not only blocks spam, but also provides the ability to easily manage the solution for everyone. My recommended solution is MX Logic® Email Defense Service.

Why? For just a couple dollars per month per employee, the Email Defense Service provides comprehensive, layered protection against a wide range of email-borne threats.  The service blocks over 99% of spam, so that rather than sifting through 50 or 100 or 500 spam emails each day to check if maybe one good email came through, all you have to do is check a daily email report from MX Logic that lists a few emails the service isn’t sure about. All the emails that are known spam are automatically deleted and you never see them. Only good email comes into your inbox.

The service scans all email for viruses, worms and spyware. Phishing emails are blocked. You can set the service to filter content and attachments. And a recovery service is optionally provided, that will hold all your mail if your email server goes down or your internet connection goes down – and then all the email is released to your email server as soon as it is available again.

You can also filter out-going email if you want.

I like this service because it is easy to use, has very little setup to do, and minimal maintenance. All, while doing exactly what you purchase it for – automatically removing spam from your email, so that you and your employees can use your time for productive, profitable activities.

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Technical update to my last post regarding using Gmail to filter spam

By Dave Peiser

Today, I tried following the advice from my March 21st post with a different customer, and noticed one  thing that needs to mentioned. I noticed a problem after setting things up: when my customer replied to emails, the emails had the gmail address as the "From" address. This wasn’t good, because the "From" address should be their address. The solution to this was to modify the email account settings (Tools/Account Settings) and put the address in the field labelled "E-mail address".