How to Resolve “Phone storage space is getting low” on Android Phones

By Dave Peiser

 Jeepers Creepers, this has been a nagging problem for a while on myAndroid-incredible2 Android phone. The warning "Phone storage space is getting low" keeps coming up. I clear the cache from applications, delete applications, etc., etc., but it makes no difference. But I finally found a solution! And it doesn't include any steps that might void your warranty.

The warning has to do with the space available in the main storage on your phone, and with the standard phone setup there is no way to move things to the SD Card. But there are steps you can take to tell the phone that all new apps should always download to your SD card instead of the main memory, and also allow you to move apps that are in the main phone memory to the SD card. By following these steps, you can clear enough space to get rid of the nagging warning.

I found the instructions for this here: Resolve Phone Storage Space is Getting Low on Android Phones.

Ah, relief!