Peiser Solutions works with businesses that want the best technical solutions and computer support. Since we opened our doors in May, 2001, we have grown and served hundreds of businesses in San Diego and beyond with our blend of technical and business expertise. We provide a wide range of services, follow-thru, and maintenance, so our clients can focus on their core business and leave the technical issues to us.

We also take time to serve community-based organizations so that we can play at least a small part in keeping our community a great place to live and work. Some of the activities founder Dave Peiser is involved with include:

  • Running for US Congress in California's 49th District in 2014
  • Serving as Board President for non-profit Class-ACT and Microloans for Mothers. After ten years serving thousands of students with art, music and technology programs, Class-ACT embarked on a new direction in 2009, providing art exchange programs between schools in the US and the developing world. The first developing world program was with a school in Cambodia. The non-profit then started the Microloans for Mothers program, where women in Cambodia are provided loans to start or expand businesses.
  • Maintenance and content creation for the web site of the YMCA Indian Guides Program. Also, Dave Peiser led an Indian Guides tribe as chief for two years
  • Providing reduced-cost technology classes to the Encinitas School District
  • Providing reduced-cost services to the San Dieguito Heritage Museum, including configuration of their wired and wireless network and support for their museum  database.

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